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Wish you all a Very Happy 2020! 

We completed one full year of operations on 21st Jan 2020 and what a ride it has been! None of the surprises/ challenges/ opportunities we faced as a startup were “pre-scheduled”, but were all “on-demand”. 

While it was a difficult first year, we achieved many milestones that are worthy of mention here.

  • Ready for launch in under 6 months of product development
  • Many “first-of-a-kind” features launched such as subscription models, multi-schedule, round-trips etc. 
  • Incredible list of partners joined hands to promote Hubun (Schools, Corporates, Coaching centers etc.)
  • Grew at an average rate of 40% month on month
  • …and many more

While the numbers are there for everyone to see, we have impacted many lives profoundly in the last one year. Hubunas (our drivers) – with a stable monthly income, we hope to help them achieve financial independence. Customers (parents) - we have helped many parents at difficult times by ferrying their kids and being there when they have found it impossible to be there themselves and thereby contributing in some cases, to their professional success.

None of the above would have been possible without an energetic and passionate team working together as one cohesive unit even during most difficult times.

2020 is a new year and a new decade. We are back with renewed energy and eagerness to grow. Most importantly, we are on a mission to impact lives of every child, woman, parent and Hubuna (driver). 

I will continue to stay in touch and keep you updated. Here is a quick snapshot of our milestones last quarter and business so far.


The Uber-Careem acquisition announcement of last week occupied much of our thoughts and no doubt, these are exciting times. This is a milestone moment for Careem and gives budding entrepreneurs several positives on the potential of the technology ecosystem in the Middle East. There is much responsibility on us now, given that we will be the second ride-hailing player in Dubai next only to Uber-Careem. 

At Hubun, we have come a long way since we last interacted and thought of dropping you a quick note to share where we are in our journey. We are moving at great speed, which sometimes is overwhelming. But we fully appreciate that this is a very opportune moment for Hubun and we will do everything to build on it. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of our business so far:

Top 5 Significant Milestones

b2b (2)


Launched new booking online channel for B2B partners


New features releases 

New Feature to our Apps – Preferred Route, Referral Programs, Hubuna Wallet, Airport Pickups, Hubuna App Alarm etc.

overlapping (2)

Overlapping Trips

Customers can pre-schedule multiple trips at same time


High Growth

Rides and Revenue grew by 105% from Q3 to Q4

multi schedule

Subscription Package

Customers can pre-schedule upto 3 months and pay upfront as well

The Numbers So Far


Rides So Far


Rides are Pre-scheduled



Repeat Customers



Registered Customers



Safe Kilometers Travelled

2019 in Pictures

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Thank you for your patience & time. We will keep you posted.


Co-Founder & CEO

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Owing to the current lock-down due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are suspending our operations until further notice. We will update you once we are back in action. Until then, we urge you to stay safe and follow government guidelines strictly.