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What is Hubun ?

Parents, today, struggle to balance their schedules with their kids between the drop offs and pick-ups from school, extra-curricular activities and their work. Women too, prefer a safe, comfortable and reliable transport at all times and have expressed concerns over lack of safe and secure transport, especially those who have an active social and/or a professional life.
Hubun is a unique on-demand ride-hailing service, approved by RTA, dedicated to women and kids in Dubai. Hubun’s mission is to provide safe and a trusted transportation service to families, women and kids.

Is Hubun only for women & kids ?
  1. Yes, Hubun’s services are for children (5-18yrs) and women only
  2. A man (18+) will not be able to take a ride with Hubun, alone. However, if he is accompanied either with a woman or a child, he will be allowed to use Hubun services
Can a child take a ride with Hubun, alone? What age group is allowed ?

Yes, a child (5-18 years) can ride with Hubun alone

For scheduled rides, how soon should I book a ride?

At least 4 hours before the actual ride.

Booking A Hubun

Do I need to register before I book a ride ?
  1. Yes, we need all parents and women to register, create an account, add card details etc. before you book a ride. (We accept cash as well)
  2. This will help our drivers identify the passenger (child or woman) before the ride and ensure safety.
  3. Needless to say, your information is safe and secure with Hubun
What details are compulsory during registration?
  1. Name, Email id, Username, Password and Mobile number.
  2. Child’s name, picture, DOB and Emirates ID copy if child is traveling alone.
Why do I need to provide kids’ photos during registration?

As part of our assistance services, Our hubuna’s can pickup your child from your home, school or any other pickup location. A latest photo of the child will help our hubunas identify your child correctly.This is mandatory for booking a ride when kids travel alone.

How can I book a ride with Hubun?

For IPhone Users: Please download the Hubun App from Apple Store or from this link Apple Store

For Android Users: Please download the Hubun App from Google Play Store or from this link Google Play Store

Our Hubunas

Who are Hubunas ?

Hubunas are our drivers who are handpicked, trained and have extensive experience in driving in Dubai.

How safe are Hubunas ?
  1. Hubunas are authorized women drivers who go through a detailed screening process such as background checks, police verification, medical tests before their visa and licenses are issued.
  2. They are trained with respect to road rules, safety measures, first aid, tackling difficult situations etc.
  3. Apart from RTA training, Hubun also provides training around child care, how to handle children during pick up and drop off, what are the do’s and don’ts when a child is in the car etc.

Assistance Services

What is Assistance Services?
  1. Assistance Services are available for kids traveling alone, special children and women who require assistance from home to the car.
  2. If the customer chooses the Services, Our Hubuna will be responsible for picking up the child/woman from the door, walk him/her to the car and ensure they buckle up. Assistance Services include
    • Pickup from the home
    • Securing them in the car
    • Drop-off at the destination with handover to assigned person
  3. If the customer chooses this service, they should ensure parking facility is available for the drivers to park their car, so that the Hubuna can park her car, walk up to the customer’s door to pickup the child/woman from their home/assigned pick-up location.
Is Assistance Service optional or mandatory for every ride?

Assistance service is an optional service available to customers. If the parent does not choose this service, it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to drop the child to the car and the responsibility of the driver ends once the kid walks out of the car at the drop-off location.

Is there an additional cost for assistance?

Yes, there is an additional cost for Assistance Services. This is a standard service fee per trip. Please contact us to enquire about this service.

How do I book Assistance Services?

You can book this service through the app, while booking a ride. You will have an option to choose, if your child needs assistance.

Safety Standards

Will the customer know driver details before the start of the journey?

Yes, the customer will know the driver’s name and mobile number and driver’s photo will be displayed in the app for easy identification.

How will the parent know when his/her child has been picked up or dropped off?

There are several steps we follow during a ride. All of these steps can be tracked through the App, you will get notifications once every step completes.

Can the driver sign in or sign out my child from the school or any facility?

Yes, she can. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the school or the facility in advance so as to ensure the child is safely handed over or picked up.

Will drivers adhere to speed limits during rides, especially when children are alone in the car?

Yes, all drivers will strictly follow road speed limits. When a kid is in the car, the driver will not cross 80km/hr even though the road allows a higher limit.

Hubun Circle

What is Hubun Circle?
  1. An exclusive membership program to enjoy exclusive discounts and privileges on rides every month.
  2. You pay a small membership fee every month and enjoy the benefits.
  3. Membership is auto-renewable every month.
What are the benefits?

As a Hubun Circle member, you get

  • 10% off on the first 15 rides every month, subject to maximum of AED 10 per ride.
  • Priority booking and allocation for every ride.
  • Cancel membership at any time, without any penalty.
If I don’t use all 15 rides in one month, can I carry forward any unused rides to next month?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to carry forward. Any unused rides will elapse at the end of the month.

Your Account

What formats are acceptable for uploading documents?

PNG and JPG images.

How do I add/delete credit card information?
  1. After registration you can add credit card details
  2. Also, on booking a ride you can see the last used card, at that point you can add a new card as well.


How will Hubun charge for my ride?

You can either pay by cash or Credit card.If you choose Credit card, you card will be automatically charged after every ride and you will receive an email with transaction details.

Are my credit card details safe with Hubun?

Yes, your card details are extremely safe with Hubun. We work with Telr and Mashreq Bank to process your payments through the card. Telr is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant to hold your card details.

What is Hubun’s cancellation policy?

For Ride Now bookings:

  • If cancellation occurs within 4 minutes of booking, there will be no cancellation fee.
  • Between 4 minutes of booking and the driver arriving at your pickup location, cancellation fees will apply
  • For last minute cancellations, after the driver has arrived, cancellation fee will apply

For Scheduled bookings:

  • If cancellation occurs 2 hours prior to the pickup time, no cost is incurred by the customer
  • For cancellations made under 2 hours of pickup time, cancellation fees will apply
  • For last minute cancellations, or in cases where the driver has already arrived at the desired pickup location, cancellation fees will apply

Cash Payments

Can I pay by cash?

Yes, you have the option to pay by cash for the trip. You can either change your preferred mode of payment in your profile or select payment as Cash while booking a ride.

If my child is traveling alone, can my child pay by CASH?

If your child can handle cash and you prefer to pay by cash, yes you can pay by cash. We would prefer you use the credit card option though.

Do I need to have exact change?

Yes, this would really help our Hubuna if you have exact change.

How do I select CASH as mode of payment?

You have 2 options. You can either update your profile in the menu on right corner with cash as your prefered option OR choose cash as the mode of payment while booking a ride.

During the trip can we change our mode of payment to cash?

No, you cannot change the mode of payment once the trip is initiated.

Promotional (Promo) Codes

When can I use PROMO codes?

Hubun will issue PROMO codes to its customers/ potential customers with the view of providing discounts or additional services. These PROMO codes would usually have a certain validity period. On receipt of a PROMO code, you may use the PROMO code at the time of booking the ride too avail of the discount or additional services within the applicable time period.

I am a Hubun-Circle member, Can I avail of the PROMO code in addition to the discount I get per Hubun-Circle?

No. Only one discount may be availed at any one point in time. If the PROMO code is used, the discount applicable per the PROMO code will super-cede the Hubun-Circle discount.


I would like to tip the Hubuna, how do I do it?

Upon completion of the ride, you can rate and tip the Hubuna based on your satisfaction of the ride. This will be a separate transaction from that of the fare for the ride.

Can I tip a Hubuna for a completed trip through the App?

Yes, you can. Click on "Your Trips" in the menu, select the past trip you want to tip and you add the tip amount for that trip. You will be able to tip for a past ride for upto 30days after the trip.

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